John J.

After discovering the adjustable rate mortgage I was in would no longer be practical to maintain, I sought alternative options. After listing the house for sale on two separate occasions, I had all but given in to the idea that a foreclosure was imminent.
It was at this time through mitigation with my mortgage company I was introduced to the idea of a short sale. This was the seemingly perfect solution to my dilemma. I contacted a realtor who was experienced and he assured me the home would sell and finally I thought I would be able to start anew. Sadly after more than 4 months and trying to work with the short-sale process myself, due to inadequate skills demonstrated by the realtor I sought out Johnathan Nealy.
It was the first short sale he had handled; the difficult and in-depth process needed a dedicated and competent individual who possessed the ability to be accurate and tenacious.
Having more than one mortgage on the property complicated the process even further, but had it not been for the skills Mr. Johnathan Nealy demonstrated, the sale would never have occurred.
I am so very grateful for his sincere help and dedication to my cause. I would recommend his services to anyone considering the sale or purchase of a property. That is, if success is what your seeking.
John E. Johnson 

— John E. Johnson